Our business philosophy allows us to
be competitive
in a constantly evolving market.

Protek is oriented to the production flexibility while maintaining the quality standards



At each stage of the galvanic cycle, quality is one of the determining factors to ensure maximum satisfaction to the customer. To ensure more accurate results and impeccable workmanship, we only use equipment and machinery, technologically advanced and of latest generation, periodically checked and updated.
The manual control, also, is the guarantee to obtain a final product of high quality, even in the most complex machining.



The use of the latest equipment, combined with the experience of a highly staff qualified and skilled, allows extremely precise in every detail. From design to finished product, control and the established process in years of experience guarantee high precision in galvanic process.



The constant investment in research and development has enabled us to achieve a high speed of delivery. Reducing errors, waste, and continuous monitoring of our technicians are an additional guarantee of quality. Finally, our warehouse enables us to quickly fulfill urgent orders or additions.