We only use plants
manual controlled

The galvanic treatments are often considered critical processes because of the many variables that can affect them and the high percentages of waste generated by improper management of production cycles.

Aware of this, we use only manual control systems that ensure effective monitoring throughout the process. The use of these machines also allows the management and the production of different models with each other ensuring a very high standard.

To our customers, more and more demanding, we are able to provide a high quality product in compliance with the agreed delivery plans.




Environment and Safety

Protek has always demonstrated its concern for the environment and its protection, investing resources and energy to optimize their production systems, using technologically advanced systems and performing periodic checks.

The entire chain is a galvanic CCTV and discharges are managed internally, in accordance with local Italian and European standards for environmental protection and control of gas emission. We also use only trays restraints integral to prevent leakage from the tanks and exhaust systems of the latest generation.

The protection of workers is also guaranteed by the certainty that environment and safety are the cornerstones on which wheel production efficiency del'azienda.